Dennis Stock: Time Is On Your Side (Prestel)

Dennis Stock, Bikers making 'it',  1971

If you’re in the mood for some moody and monochromatic magic then may I be so bold as to suggest you delve behind the lens of Dennis Stock?

Dennis Stock von Anton CorbijnPart of the legendary Magnum stable Dennis’s sensuous shutter managed to capture some of the most iconic faces of the second half of the twentieth century. His enigmatic stills of James Dean being perhaps his most familiar work, especially those shots of him walking through a windswept Times Square in 1955, the same year that JD sadly sped off this mortal coil. Such was the closeness between Dennis and James that a film called LIFE documenting their unique relationship and travels together across the US has been made by another master of monochrome, Anton Corbijn. There’s more than just Jimmy Dean featured here though, as Audrey, Marilyn and Sinatra also pop up within the various sections dedicated to Immigrants, Musicians, Fairs & Festivals, California and my particular favourite Hippies & Road People. If only everything in life really was black & white, things really would be miles cooler wouldn’t they?

Dennis Stock, Audrey Hepburn während der Dreharbeiten zu _Sabrina_, 1954, © Magnum Photos

Dennis Stock, Bill Crow, New York, 1958, © Magnum Photos

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  1. Should be a good book with lots of cool images. Back when photography was a lot more honest and crafted by those who actually cared about what they’re doing. Dennis was always a stickler for things like that, and some say even a pain in the ass over the craftsmanship of images.

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