Descente Allterrain D.I.S Padded Vest

It’s no secret just how much we all love a technical vest/gilet/body warmer/call it whatever you like, here at Proper Mag. Offering the same excitement as a jacket but with the added bonus of allowing you to show off your shirt/jumper the same time. You’re also able to keep it on whilst indoors for much longer not tom mention the fact that wearing one helps us live out our military/SWAT dreams without anyone losing an eye.

So allow us to introduce you to our current favourite high spec, super tech gilet, the Descente Allterrain D.I.S Padded vest. Constructed from a game-changing double face weaving technique know as ‘Sine Weave’ that joins two layers together to form bag-like pockets it’s incredibly efficient at keeping warmth in thanks to this direct down injection system (D.I.S). Which also allows for additional freedom of movement by enhancing the natural stretch of the fabric. Add to this a new body mapping technique that allows strategic adjustment of the amount of down in different parts of the garment and you’ve got a much slimmer, lighter and less bulky silhouette too. So when it comes to multi-purpose mid-layers then you really won’t get any better than this beauty of a body warmer.

Buy a Descente Allterrain D.I.S Padded Vest here.

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