Diadora ‘Titan’


For some serious Paninaro vibes this Summer you could do a lot worse than getting kitted out with a pair of Diadora’s classic mid-80s, EVA soled runner the ‘Titan’. Not  that I have done much (i.e. any) research into this but they’re the kind of footwear I can just imagine dramatically kicking back moped stands and/or rival Sandwich crews heads in, back in the glory days of the well-dressed, hair gelled sub-culture. When it comes to trainers and Italy there aren’t a long list of classics to choose from really are there? But the classic 80s styling and sporty profile of the Titan definitely puts it into that category despite it not being as well known as it’s older brother the Borg Elite. Available in navy and silver from for a very reasonable £50. OK, allora, who fancies a mozzarella buttie and some PSB?






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