Dian Hanson’s History of Pin-up Magazines


Pin2(WARNING: This feature contains knockers) I pity the adolescent, google-centric male of this generation, where a hunt for suitable smut is only a mouse click away and a once naive curiosity can be instantly ruined after accidentally stumbling across something truly vile. Bring back the good old days when you had to either rely on being tall enough to reach your local newsagent’s top shelf or your best mate’s dad having a decent enough stash of jazz mags under his bed not to miss a couple. Dian Hanson takes us back to these (slightly) more innocent times in her three volume illustrated history of pin-up magazine from 1900 to 1969. Volume one deals with the early days of the genre when men’s magazines first dipped their toe in a bit of sauce, whilst masquerading as being all about art or movies. Volume two showcases the iconic pin-up images of WWII and also features the birth of Playboy in 1953 as well as the arrival of men’s mags in a conservative-yet-kinky Britain. The third volume encounters sixties liberalism and a whole lot of hippy nudism as well as some trademark German perviness.  So whether you’re into the whole aesthetics of the female form in the Twentieth century or just after some cheap thrills and a good laugh, this collection will provide you with all you ever needed to know about the wonderful world of pin-ups. Just don’t expect to find it under a tree in the woods, go and buy it from HERE.











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