Didriksons 1913 Swen Jacket

What is it about the Swedes and ace coats? I think it must have something to do with the fact that they’re all really good looking and the weather over there can be pretty extreme at times. So obviously they have to have gear that matches their exquisite Nordic beauty that also stops them from dying whilst waiting at the Bus stop. A good example being this Swen jacket from Didriksons that looks like a no nonsense, shearling collared classic on the outside but also has loads of technical stuff going on under the bonnet (not that it has a bonnet btw). Constructed from their waterproof STORMsystem fabric with a padded lining, dual zip fastener, storm flaps and lots of pockets it’s actually a serious piece of outerwear as well being something that will make everyone fancy you whenever you wear it.

Buy a Didrikson 1913 Swen jacket from Oi Polloi here (you know it makes swense).


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