Dieter Rams: Less but better

weniger_aber_besser_presscover_frontGlobally acknowledged as one of the most significant industrial designers of the twentieth century Dieter Rams spent over 40 years working at electrical company Braun where he conjured up a wealth of pioneering appliances that still continue to influence designers around the world to this day. 

Less but Better features a selection of Dieter’s ‘thorough designs’ from this period with accompanying information and musings on the all important design processes behind them. Though truly fascinating from a design perspective it was the brief four page section on colour that fascinated me (the majority of the book is in b&w) as Braun’s colour palette rarely strayed beyond white, light gray or black due to their core principle that any appliances made with intense personal use over a long period of time should be as inconspicuous as possible. So if you’re looking for an aesthetic bible to base your life/career on or you just want an immensely cool book to leave lying around in order to impress visitors with, then this book was designed just for you. 





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