Dockers Alpha Khaki at Oi Polloi


There’s meant to be a distinction between khakis and chinos, but I’m not really arsed what it is. Both words mean the same thing to me: them casual kecks that aren’t jeans or cords.

Anyhow, an expression has emerged in recent years to label those who wear chinos/khakis, and that is ‘chino wanker’ – which I find most upsetting. I like chinos. I think they’re mint. Granted, there are a fair few misguided magic wands knocking about in chinos these days, but they buy silly ones in silly colours and silly cuts to go with their silly shoes. But aside from these carrot-fit shit-catchers, there are plenty of genuinely top chino-type trousers out there.

The Dockers Alpha Khaki are just such a chino; they are reserved for the more discerning and distinguished gentleman. They’re a bit more sturdy than your average chino and the fit is really good – a nice taper on them but not overly so; despite their slim-ish fit they’re very comfortable, which is the whole idea of chinos in the bleeding first place.

They look smart with pretty much anything too – Wallabees, desert boots, deck shoes, canvas thingies, trainers, weirdly cool orthopedic shoes, whatever. And, unlike quite a few chinos out there, they look alright turned up as well.

Channel your inner Ivy League prick and get a pair of these Alphas. Benjamin Braddock out of The Graduate wore pants just like these, and in doing so he charmed the pants quite literally off Mrs Robinson. And her daughter. Coincidence? No chance.

Get some ordered, or if you live nearby then go in the shop and buy them there like they did in the olden days.






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