Ally Cappellino at Peggs and Son

Peggs and Son have currently got in more bags than a Barnsley lapdancers. Rucksack bags, wash bags, helmet bags, satchel bags, money bags (wallets) and even bin bags. They don’t have bin bags. They do have plenty of options in from Ally Cappellino though.

I liked Ally Cappellino instantly because the name sounds like that of a fictional Italian playmaker, who would guide you to countless trophies on Championship Manager 01-02. Great days. But it’s actually the name of Alison Llyod’s British accessories label, produced here in good ol’ Blighty, using the finest British wax cotton. Rule Brittania. Anyway, these Frank waxed cotton rucksacks are a sight to behold. They have a slightly aspirational price tag, so by sight may be the only way you’ll actually be-holding them but if you’re after an investment, I imagine you could do far worse than go for one of these. That orange is really ace. Get one of them and you’ll be walking around like a grinning chimp who’s got an extra jam butty stuffed in his undies.

A lot more subdued and a little bit more goth is the Kelvin. As opposed to the waxed British cotton of the Frank, the Kelvin bag is waxed canvas. Waxed Canvas; a good name for one of the tracks on my new post-diarrheatic punk band’s debut album, Spoiling Toilets. We could all wear one of these bags to carry our drumsticks and packed lunches in. Or whatever people in bands carry in their backpacks.

There are other accessories too, girlfriend. Some very nice washbags, in navy and olive, which feature the very handy foresight to include a host of internal little pockets, in order to avoid opening one cavernous abyss of toiletry oblivion after you’ve thrown your luggage into an overhead locker. And lastly, for now (as you can browse the full collection on the link below the pictures, I’m not doing everything for you) there are some money carriers, coin pouches, beer token holders. Wallets, lad. Wallets. Leather ones, in tan/orange and black. Classy.

ally-capellino-aw14-canvas-kelvin-black-01 ally-capellino-aw14-canvas-kelvin-black-03 ally-capellino-aw14-slg-oliver-orange-03 ally-capellino-aw14-waxy-frank-orange-01 ally-capellino-aw14-waxy-frank-orange-02 ally-capellino-aw14-waxy-simon-black-01 ally-capellino-aw14-waxy-simon-black-04 ally-capellino-ss15-mens-waxy-frank-crop-01

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