Dorothy: Street Maps

Dorothy_0030c Song Map

Chances are if you share my love of collecting ace clothes, cool books, foreign films and banging tunes on vinyl then you’ll also appreciate these brilliant Street Maps.

Lovingly put together by the cool folks at Dorothy, these beautiful maps are not your ordinary ordnances survey jobs as each one is based on vintage street maps of London, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Washington. Upon further inspection you’ll also notice that the original street names have been craftily and thematically replaced. There’s a song map where you can take the Highway to Hell towards Itchycoo park, a book map populated by a Wasteland and a Brighton Rock, a film map where you can hang out on the waterfront of reservoir dogs and even a TV map where the legendary Duff stadium lies just off Sesame Street. So forget about using a map to find somewhere to go, this cool cartography is all about getting totally lost in your very own chosen world.

Dorothy_0030e Song Map

Dorothy_0030d Song Map


Dorothy_0033_d Film Map

Dorothy_0033_b Film Map

Dorothy_0033_Film Map 2014_Website_A

Dorothy_0050a_Book Map

Dorothy_0050d_Book Map

Dorothy_0050c_Book Map

Dorothy_0052a_T.V. Map

Dorothy_0052e_T.V. Map

Dorothy_0052g_T.V. Map


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