Double N is Double Good

Welsh wizards Neal Heard and Neil Morris know more than a thing or two about footwear so when we heard (Heard?) about their debut collection of trainers we (Morris?) danced around the office a bit before having a closer look.

Named Double N because…well…it’s obvious, they aim to offer an antidote to the hype styles and crass commercialism of much of modern-day Sneakerdom [sic].

Neal, the author of the definitive book Trainers and Neil, the main man behind both the Veras and Wild Bunch shoe brands have put their heads and hearts together to come up with a trio of trainers that deliver fuss-free footwear for fuss-free thinkers.

The two spent many an evening debating how it would be good to create a sneaker brand utilising the high-end production values and skills of Wild Bunches Spanish factories allied to the knowledge and expertise of the creators, and a new brand was germinated.

They have created a collection of trainers that showcases their deep understanding of the culture and heritage of casual footwear and a keen eye for sleek, subtle styles that will stand the test of time.

Created and constructed using sustainable options in the same sunny Spanish workshops and factories as Neil’s successful Veras and Wild Bunch brands, each style showcases the pairs eye for detail, quality, sustainability and sexiness.

Both N’s were sick of the over-commercialisation and hype of the footwear game, in particular the almost constant mantra of continued success and effort being the be all and end all of everything.

Double N believe there is more to life than winning, and the insinuation that you haven’t tried or that you’re worthless if you don’t stand on the victory podium is one which they firmly stand against, hence the brands mantra, “Winning isn’t everything”.

Double N will be available from selected retailers from Spring.

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