Dr. Martens Gaucho Wildhorse Lamper


Its not class or ideology, colour creed or roots, the only thing that unites us, is Doctor Martens boots.” So sang Liverpudlian comedy genius Alexei Sayle who despite trying to make us all laugh our legs off actually had a point. There’s something very utilitarian and all-encompassing about DMs isn’t there? My mum wears them, my niece wears them, I wear them, my kids wear them, my missus wears them too. They’re basically a more nails version of Clarks aren’t they? These rugged rascals Grants 1856 look like a cross between a desert and a chukka boot and like their name suggest they do look like the kind of footwear an Argentinian cowboy would wear though I can also see them being the perfect accompaniment to a long wintry walk along the British coast that ends in a massive Sunday dinner in a pub.

Get yourself a pair of these British beauties here.




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