Early Autumnal Attire

Yes I know it’s still Summer but we’re a bit bored of shorts and t-shirts aren’t you? Even if you’re not then surely you’ll still be a bit interested in looking at some early Autumnal attire? Cop for this…

Hikerdelic Merino Wool Hat

Though the sun might be bouncing off your bonce right now, your ears will be turning blue in a matter of weeks. So be prepared and get a super soft warm & wooly hikerdelic hat from here now.

Nobis Sawyer Windbreaker

One of the many joys of Autumn are the myriad layering opportunities that it offers up. Though designed for jogging this Sawyer windbreaker from Nobis makes the perfect functional yet lightweight layer to put on top of all your other wonderful wares.

Stone Island Shadow Catch Pocket Crew Knit

I’ve missed jumpers have you? Well now it;s time to jump in with both arms and indulge yourself in some futuristic cotton crew knit technology. Designed by Errolson Hugh for S.I.’s Special Ops department this Catch Pocket Crew Knit is destined to see you through several futuristic military campaigns as well as the most arduous of carvery queues.

Simon Carter Blue Flying Parrot Jacquard Shirt

When it comes to layering there are no better combinations than a shirt and a crew neck. Even more impressive than matching up a denim jacket with a technical body-warmer this is a menswear marriage made in heaven. This pale blue Flying Parrot shirt from Simon Carter features the aforementioned flying parrot motif woven into the high tech jacquard weave.

Norse Projects Aros Corduroy Pants

We couldn’t talk about stepping into Autumn without involving cords could we? The Danes know all about keeping your legs warm and Norse Projects Aros Cords are up there with the best when it comes to keeping your calves cosy.

Anonymous Ism Go Hemp Splash Crew Socks

When the mercury drops then out come the thick socks, everyone knows that. These hemp based superheroes from Japanese brand Anonymous Ism are called their ‘Go Hemp Splash‘ crew socks that ensure a super cosy fit on your feet as well as an ethical feelgood factor all over your body to their use of this miraculous plant.

addias Terrex Free Hiker

If you’ve yet to experience the sheer bliss of slipping your feet into a pair of adidas Free Hikers then now is the time to remedy this. Their tough Primeknit upper and Boost sole unit combines all the lightness and flexibility of a running shoe with the funtionality of serious hiking boot. They’re pretty good at kicking piles of leaves over too.

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