Early Majority is a Community-Based Techwear Model

Early Majority is more than a clothing brand – it is a disruptive challenge to the way the clothing industry conducts itself. 

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Photographer: Magdalena Wosinska

Early Majority functions at the intersection of producer and community, making a system of technical outerwear for all eventualities and all genders, while offering information and tools that simultaneously connect and empower those it interacts with. 

Early Majority’s focus is on shifting power structures. The brand is actively ‘leaning away’ from the default Boys Club of male fashion, and responding to it with a women-led product. 

“We discovered the lie of “leaning in,” which had come at the expense of our well-being and purpose. We had forfeited control over our own time and lost touch with each other and nature.

But not anymore.” 

Joy Howard met her long-time work partner Dmitri Siegel at Patagonia, and together they founded Early Majority in the January of 2021. 

Howard is credited with resparking Patagonia after decades of dormancy and launching the brand’s Worn Wear and the New Localism campaign. She was recognised by Forbes as one of the most influential and creative global business leaders and was profiled by Bloomberg for her unconventional journey to the C-suite. 

Bringing decades of experience with her, Early Majority intends to fill in the gaps that are omnipresent in the fashion industry and offer alternative methods for approaching classical issues. 

Early Majority is structured with a membership model, granting members exclusive access to products and toolkits – think interviews, advice, creative input. 

The brand’s first clothing output revolves around a versatile and modular system designed to reduce waste and foster circularity, where the membership model resolves the tension between scale and environmental sustainability by making exactly what its customers want and nothing more.

Head to Early Majority’s site to explore membership and the latest drop.

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