Eastpak Artist Studio Project

Being an undisputed design classic the ubiquitous Eastpak Padded Pak’r® bag has been handed over to a wide range of  artists from a variety of different countries to get an artistic overhaul for the third outing of Eastpak’s Artist Studio Project.  The results vary from the sublime to the ridiculous with everyone bringing something new and impressive to the table. From Atelierdubbloo cow-veined leather number to Nik Nowak’s ghetto blastered up pack, the level of customisation here is enough to make any student throw their own attempts out of the bus window in utter shame. As well as providing some physical artwork for us all to enjoy this exciting project also generates money for the Designers Against AIDS charity when all the bags on sale on December the 2nd from the Eastpak site. I’ve got my eye on this colourful creation from Simeon Farrar and once I get hold of it I intend to fully regress back to my college days and fill it full of Happy Mondays, Stone Roses & 808 state mix tapes, a few bottles of Grolsh and a teenth of manali.



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