Eastpak ‘Boro’


No Eastpak haven’t gone and done a special Padded Pak’r with specially adapted pockets for carrying Parmos in, this Boro actually refers to a super exclusive back pack they’ve made using a form of Japanese denim that is rarer than an albino Aerodactyl. The Japanese art of Boro relates to the mending and stretching of textiles back when artisans would repair fabrics using old kimonos and denim alongside sashiko embroidery to ensure that they would last for generations to come as well as become highly prized items in their own right.




Eastpak’s limited edition Boro Padded Pak’rs have been crafted from vintage patchwork Japanese selvedge that dates back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries that has been hand-finished by several generations of artisans. Given just how special this stuff is there are only five backpacks being produced worldwide with the UK version being sold at Selfridges priced at £800. So if you can’t afford this unique collector’s piece the good news is that Eastpak have also done dark and light blue selvedge versions of the Padded Pak’r made using legendary Kuroki denim with it’s trademark red thread and interior lining that features a beautiful Japanese Koi carp design. They’ll be released alongside the Boro bag at Selfridges and initially limited to just 12 bags in each colour though in September there will be a wider release to arrive mid October at Mr Porter and size?.




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