Ebbets Field Flannels NYBY Fungo shirt

Before they came along with their vintage baseball slogger clobber, I’d only ever heard of Ebbets Field in rhyme.

A baseball-version of John Motson can be heard bigging-up the place on Crooklyn Dodgers 1995 DJ Premier produced banger ‘Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers’. Turns out Ebbets Field was a real baseball stadium so it’s a bit like calling your brand Trent Bridge (which kind of works) or Headingley (which really doesn’t).


The Fungo baseball shirt, available from Liquor Store  is named after the baseball bats used for training rather than game-play, as they were for having a ‘fun go’ of a bat (That might be true. I’ve made it up. I could’ve checked but it should be true so I’m happy to call it fact).

The Fungo is cotton-picking perfect for the Collegiate / Americana vibe popping-up all-over the side street. The recent arrival of the Converse 1970’s Chuck Taylor’s should have seen them walking down the sidewalk hand-in-hand with Ebbets Field flannels for the full-on sock-jock approach to summer.  There’s an episode of Happy Days spin-off Joanie Loves Chachi, where the steez of the eponymous Chachi tells you more in a minute about where to take this styling than the whole of the Internet can. I dunno if it’s on Youtube. I’ve still got the VHS from the time.


Featuring the hand-printed logo of the New York Black Yankees, the baseball team for NY’s black community during the days of segregation, the shirt is a casual reminder that stylish schmutter can arise from the most dastardly of destinies. (There’s plenty on the internet about the Black Yankees that is well-worth a read).

Made of a merino wool blend outer layer. The aerated cotton inner layer is designed to absorb sweat. Featuring two-button henley placket. The navy contrast sleeves complete its authenticity.

Ebbets Field Flannel recommends you wear your Fungo under your EFF flannel, which is actually them calling it an Ebbets Field Flannel Flannel, which is a load of old flannel. Proper suggest you wear it how you want, though not for playing basketball as that would just be silly. 



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