Ebbets Field Flannels x Liquor Store Ground Crew Jacket

LIQUOR STORE x EBBETS1Did you know the reason that a prohibition era illegal boozer was called a Speakeasy was because you were supposed to keep your voice down so as not to arouse suspicion of any passing copers who may be listening out for the familiar noisy ‘merriment’ that drinking a gut-ful of bootleg hooch brings? Speakeasy is also the ace Birmingham based Liquor Store’s motto which is why their extremely limited, one of a kind varsity style jacket collab with Ebbets has the very word embroidered across the back of it. Handmade in the USA this classic jacket is quilted inside with light padding, features a Liquor Store ‘L’ on the front, handy button cuffs and a Dickies gold zip. get yourself one HERELIQUOR STORE x EBBETS2

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