EDWIN Graphic Tees at Grants1856


Just ahead of Battle of The Planets & Bucks Fizz whipping off their skirts, my two tipper-most, topper-most favourite things as a child of the 70’s / 80’s were playing PacMan and eating jelly (not necessarily at the same time, though once the mood took me, there was no holding back).

So imagine how happy I was when I discovered that those dead good denim-heads at EDWIN Europe had created a tee in honour of these 2 youthful exploits. It was like all my balls had come out at once (Lotto ones obvs), in fact I was so chuffed I had to dust off the old soda-stream to celebrate.

However, It was only after the Lincolnshire lads at Grants 1856 sat me down and gave my head a wibble-wobble that I realised that these graphic tees weren’t “ALL ABOUT ME”. You see they reckon the image on the chest (and expanded as a full print on the back of the tees) are in fact a ‘graphic representation of a snow capped Mount Fuji, as the sun rises behind it’ and not ‘that bright yellow, pie-chart shaped, ghost muncher working his way through a whole strawberry jelly’.

All makes sense, I guess, being as EDWIN’s roots are firmly based in the Land Of Japanese Denim that they’re more likely to celebrate this than my own penchant for simple video games and fruity-sugar and gelatine moulded party treats.

But whichever way you look at it, and what logo design you see, still looks like a pretty fine tee to me.


Available in either grey marl or white and alongside another nod to Edwin’s Motherland by way of the Red Dot 2 Tee, now at the Grants 1856 webstore.


Twitter: @Hiltonshoegazer

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