Edwin, I.D.W.P. collection


I.D.W.P from Edwin Europe on Vimeo.

Beautiful motorbikes, Arlo Guthrie singing and some seriously fine denim. Could this film be any cooler? One of the best things we’ve watched in ages, we strongly recommend you taking some time out to watch this excellent short film Edwin have put together to showcase their forthcoming range. Though don’t blame us if it makes you give it all up to become a mountain-dwelling greaser.


  1. Not the same film maker.
    But the same spirit indeed.

    We first built a motorcycle for Edwin (Yamaha TW125 “Stealth”) and they saw our movie “riding september”.
    They asked us afterwards if we would agree on attending their film, inspired by ours, where friends and freedom are the “keywords” 🙂

    We agreed and are very proud to have said yes to this project.

  2. Nice blog, that vid is similar innit? Someone should make a film about French geezers in high quality denim standing up on motorbikes with loads of folk music on the soundtrack.

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