Edwin SS16: The Floral Collection


If you’re on a bit of a downer at the moment due to all the bad vibe merchants currently making it impossible to turn on a phone/TV/computer without wanting to jump straight out of a window then how about you switch everything off and get floral man. Actually don’t switch everything off, keep whatever device it is you’re using to look at this at on and free your mind with Edwin’s SS16 floral collection. Genuinely inspired by a hippy love-in witnessed at a village folk festival the floral effect has made it’s way onto some classic summer pieces.  This includes a bold all over reworking of the Nimes shirt and Boardwalk shorts, plus the addition of some subtle panelling on the sublime Baller bomber jacket. Let’s get rid of the negativity and start a new summer of love, so let’s get mellow, let’s get high, let’s get floral, let’s get loads of crisps in.






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