Orienteer Mapazine Shoot Edwin Latest Capsule

Edwin grabs the team behind Orienteer Mapazine for their latest capsule, with the psychedelic EDWIN Terahertz shirt

EDWIN Terahertz shirt

It’s no secret that our personal information has become public data. It’s stranger to consider that things like bodily temperature, which, following the global pandemic, can be recorded by various cameras across cityscapes, are also sold as data.

The all-pervasive stretch of public recording often infiltrates private spaces. Where’s left? Where’s safe? 

EDWIN’s latest capsule features several items that imitate the vision of heat cameras, in the hope that by making it apparent, it can summon conversation around the aforementioned topics. The capsule takes inspiration from an infrared visualisation of the Orion Nebula. 

Orienteer Mapazine’s shoot has ramped up the capsule’s latent psychedelia, presenting the open EDWIN Terahertz shirt and shorts in stark contrast to their environment.

The EDWIN capsule is now available at Wellgosh. 

Photographer: @rory_griffs
Styling: @wack_mestjan
Model: @reialise
Assistant: @smedleyshots

EDWIN at Wellgosh

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