Edwin – The National Collection


What do you think of this lot then? Nice eh? Those highly desirable denim dealerss at Edwin have produced this small capsule collection of classic crew sweats and tees all of which were produced in Portugal. All of which will look ace mathce with some nice denim as well as being ideal for the forthcoming summer days and nights. The colourful collection of lightweight gasp jersey tees and mid-weight melange sweats are both available in blue, grey and red. Shall we all get one and have a BBQ this weekend? Yes lets, come on. I’m gonna make some sangria me.

Get yours from here.

edwin-national-sweat-red-landscape-1 copy

edwin-national-sweat-red-landscape-3 copy

edwin-national-sweat-royal-blue-landscape-1 copy (1)

edwin-national-sweat-royal-blue-landscape-4 copy

edwin-national-ts-light-grey-marl-landscape-1 copy

edwin-national-ts-red-landscape-3 copy

edwin-national-ts-red-landscape-1 copy

edwin-national-ts-royal-blue-landscape-2 copy

edwin-national-ts-royal-blue-landscape-1 copy




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