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Electric Sunglasses 1

Sunny and Cher, Sunny Corleone and Sunny Muslims. What do they all have in common?

They are all half way to a mildly amusing pun based around the need for some new ‘sunnys’ because the sun has well and truly got his pissing hat on. And the whole lot of em would also look ace in these Electric sunglasses, available at Liquor Store.

Electric were “born on the streets” of California, therefore they should know a thing or two about sunglasses, right? You’re damn right they do. So, it’s a good job the good folk at Liquor Store have got the 40Fives in for us to enjoy. These 40Fives aren’t like what my dad used to play on his Dansette. They’re a pair of sunglasses utilising a classically simple looking frame with a specially developed Melanin CR39 lens, and they’re more than worthy of knocking those Wayfarers off the end of your nose.

What’s more, that specially developed lens combines ‘the optical clarity of glass with the durability of a thermoset material’. Which is a fancy way of providing you with some super clear yet super tough, scratch resistant, glasses. Which can afford to be placed carelessly, lens down, onto a table or even fall off being hooked on your t-shirt pocket whilst you reach for your frisbee/pint and still offer clear, scratch free vision. Though, if you’ve been chasing frisbees/necking pints all afternoon, you might not notice. They’ll still do the main job of a pair of sunglasses though – they’ll still look smart.

Available in matte black, red sea and dusk bronze, prices start at £120. Get em. Quick. Before the sun goes in and you just look silly.

And, no, they are not solar powered.


Electric Sunglasses 2 Electric Sunglasses 3 Electric Sunglasses 4Available at Liquor Store.


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