Element Wolfeboro by Nigel Cabourn Interview

The latest collab between US skate-wear brand Element and British menswear God Nigel Cabourn delivers a selection of authentic gear that’s designed to endure extreme temperatures. Whilst also paying tribute to the extraordinary outdoors of North America and respecting mother nature via some eco-innovation. Being mates with the legend that is Mr Cabourn I decided to drop him a quick line to find out more about this quality collection of outerwear:

Nigel, how do you feel when people refer to you as a ‘legend’?

Very embarrassing.

Speaking of being a legend (you definitely are btw) have you seen the insta account @laughingnigel ? What do you make of it? Why are you always laughing?

After reading this I have a lot to laugh about!!  To be honest I had never seen it before.

Can you tell us about the design inspiration behind the new Element Wolfeboro collection that you’ve created?

We decided to feature the inspiration on the original founder of the company because he was very much into outdoors and his family were in the military so we combined the two.  This gave the story.

Were there any pieces from your own personal archive that informed the design process for the collection?

We do have many pieces (nearly 4,000) so any collaboration we take on we usually use those pieces for the inspiration and of course most of the ideas came from my personal archive.

There’s an ecological aspect to the collection too, can you tell us all about the Reprieve fabric you used?

Because it is a collaboration this was something Element wanted to do and they made the fabric selection.  We put the designs together.  Also, all Cabourn pieces are sustainable because we believe in making clothes that last a lifetime.

I have to say the collection is all killer no filler but the smock is my favourite, what’s the key to making a great smock?

Obviously, the detail is important and the fact that you can get into it easily.  It keeps you warm.  This smock has all these elements and of course has to look good which is the most important for us.

How was working with Element Creative Director Rey? He’s a top bloke isn’t he? 

Working with Rey was amazing.  We go back over 20 years and he helped me to launch my first limited edition collection in 2003 for NC Authentic.  Great to work with and the main reason to do this collaboration.  I love his energy!

As a fan of the outdoors where’s your favourite place in the world to go and test out the amazing gear that you make? 

Luckily enough I live in the North East of England which is very wet and cold and the perfect place to wear it.  Including the Lake District and North of Scotland and the Northumberland Coast to test out the durability of my items.

Can we expect to see more from yourself and Element in 2021?

We have now done four collections with Element over the last two years.  Anything could be possible.

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