ELKA at Not-Addicted


How about this weather eh? Mad innit? If you’re not living a semi-amphibious existence at the moment chances are you’re getting battered by horizontal rain every time you open the door. Well there are two solutions to your damp dilemma; you can either do one to somewhere dead warm which will cost you serious brewsters and mean you’ll miss out on all those decent comedy shows on the beeb at the mo or you could get yourself a lovely bit of rubbery Danish rain wear. I’m talking of course about the marvellous ELKA and their Scando/British weather friendly jackets that will keep you dry and make you look incredibly cool without breaking the bank, in fact I’ve bought rounds of drinks in Denmark that have cost more than these brilliant coats do. Ace online store Not Addicted have just received a delivery of these functional, colourful smothers, with the Kitmoller, Blokhus and Vrist models to choose from. Don’t hang about if you want one though as they’re likely to fly out quicker than a Welsh wheelie bin. Buy yourself one HERE.








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