Elmer Gore-Tex Mittens Provide Perfect Winter Protection

I’ve been in London for the past few days, but my Instagram’s been full of snow-lined hiking pictures for some time now. Not just out in the Peaks, where I’ve seen people set up full spreads on the back of Snow Peak fireplaces, tended to carefully with Snow Peak fire tools, but out in the Mancunian streets, where friends have filmed, through the comfort of Common’s generous windows, delicate snowflakes drifting onto Edge Street, as well as expeditions out into white and slushy parks. 

With that latter point in mind, the coming snow isn’t bound to the city limits, nor is the temperature drop. Lacking the dexterity of gloves, but making up for it in sheer comfort, these Gore-Tex Elmer mittens are long walk and snow day ready. Made of lightweight nylon and complemented with reflective detailing, they’re perfectly suited for the white December we’re due. 

Elmer at Parasol.

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