Emotional Pop, our new favourite genre

Surely one of the best things about the hi-tech shenaniganary that is ‘the internet’ is the immediate access to hitherto unknown musical genres, tastes, scenes and mixes. Were it not for the magic of broadband we’d probably still be referring to the music press, annoying radio stations and Later with Jools Holland before deciding what to write on our school bags, thank God those dark, dark days are over. Now we can make our own minds up by downloading all kinds of brand new/long-forgotten stuff without the worry of what kind of jumper we should be wearing before entering that moody record shop. One of our favourite purveyors of just this kind of musical freedom are the gentlemen behind the brand new ‘Emotional Pop’ site. They’ve cherry picked their favourite emotive tracks for our listening pleasure and even told us what emotion we’re likely to feel upon listening. From melancholia by the Fine Young Cannibals to feeling inspired by the Creatures, you’ll find something to suit you, whatever state of mind you’re in. Get in touch with your emotions here:

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