Engineered Garments Atlantic Parka

Whatever the weather or season, there always tends to be a keen focus on parkas, but is this attraction fashion or function. A very good question I hear you asking.

Now, does anyone actually know the history of the parka?

Well, the jacket originally…no, sorry…the parka originally was designed by the Inuits, an indigenous group inhabiting the Arctic regions of Greenland, Canada and Alaska, and who needed something substantial to protect themselves against the extreme conditions.

Now whilst garment guru Daiki Suzuki might not have had this in mind when he designed this beautiful lightweight piece for SS18, it most certainly still is…well a parka. Equipped with a peaked drawcord hood, oversized front pockets and made from a durable PolyCotton fabric in the USA, this one is both fashionable AND functional. Problem solved.

Available in Gold, Red and Olive from Peggs & Son.



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