Engineered Garments Beach Parka at Peggs & Son


Having just returned from partaking in the daily SchoolRunOneupmanship* and winning clearly (there is only one contestant usually; me) I was astounded by how many other dads had foregone a jacket.  

It’s April, lads. Get a grip.  A prime time to be jacketed up, what with the prospect of April Showers (best meteorological porn name going that) coming to visit.


You need a jacket.  Preferably with a hood. We at Proper ALWAYS need jackets. Preferably with hoods.  So here’s a jacket perfect for now, with a hood, and it just happens to be Daiki designed.

Available from our Southern Coastal Brighton Buddies, Peggs & Son we have the aptly named Beach Parka from Engineered Garments.

Yes; hood.  Yes; pockets (standard for EG obvs).  Yes; fetching check lining.  Yes; navy twill, outer.  Yes; drawstring hood and waist.  Yes; relaxed fit and ace length for spring.


No; to being pissed on by April Showers *turns and winks to camera in Robin Askwith way*.

Just don’t show up on my school run wearing it.  I’m the undefeated champion of SchoolRunOneupmanship and I’m not about to lose my standing to you:  “Go find a beach Punk.”

Available now for £317 at Peggs & Son

*I know, I don’t look old enough to have kids, but I was a teen bride.


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