Engineered Garments Field Parka at Oi Polloi


Lets be honest. There was no way we weren’t going to have this jacket up on the site as soon as we knew it had arrived down the road at our pals Oi Polloi.

For a good few seasons the Field Parka has been an integral part of the Engineered Garments winter collection. With this year’s, Uncle Daiki and his Devil’s Kitchen crew don’t just ‘keep on keeping on’; instead they ‘move on up’ to a heady new destination – enough to make grown men weep in the presence of its majestic, pocketed beauty.

It’s not just THOSE pockets – though bugger me they do play a massive part. It’s the U.S. made details that Daiki does so well: the heavy duty 100% cotton in Olive, or the cotton/linen blend (with a magical sheen) in Navy or Khaki; the peaked, drawstring hood; the press studded fastenings; the cord lined collar and storm flap; the adjustable cuffs; the diamond elbow patches and that little bit of  quality lining.

All have the desired effect of keeping Mr Suzuki’s hold over us, and in turn us enthralled by his wares.


All in all it’s a coat that’s enough to get us asking for a month’s payment holiday from our mortgage, or hiding behind the sofa when the landlord comes a knocking or taking a big hit on the Credit card balance for.*

*Legally, Proper can’t condone getting into unassailable debt to fund expensive coats; though there are times we’ll make an exception……just don’t tell your missus (or the lads at Wonga) we said it was alright. Alright?

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  2. stylish piece of outerwear, one of the better designs of the field parka thus far, imo.

    it’s only regretable that some people are experiencing faults on this one, i.e pocket lining deteriorating / falling apart.

    this is currently what is keeping me from placing an order on one of these. don’t want to end up with a jacket with faults / defects considering its price.

    then again, i don’t know if this is limited to certain jackets and not all, or if this is an existing flaw in all of the a/w 2014 field parkas out there.

    would be interesting to see if other people are having the same trouble with it.

    until i can confirm or refute that all of these jackets have the same symptoms, i’ll probably lay low on the buying, if not something else of interest grabs my attention.

    once again, great looking jacket though,
    and a nice read!


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