Engineered Garments Short Parka


Not usually into sawn-off coats at all, me. I do like the odd bomber jackety-type thing and a nice Harrington, but have hitherto never really felt compelled to buy or wear one. Normally I’d say if the back of a jacket doesn’t cover the majority of your arse then it’s a no-go. Until I saw this short parka by Engineered Garments in the flesh the other week and (obviously) tried it on, that is.

During a routine saunter round Oi Polloi I spied this lovely thing amongst the rest of all the EG stuff they’ve got in. I’d seen it on the OP site not too long before this and thought it was smart, but it looks a lot different in person – it stinks of Suzuki a lot more. Where pockets are concerned, it’s always nice to have a lot of them and in weird places, and this jacket’s got one on the lower back that’d be perfect for putting your butties in (depending what size loaf you use, I suppose).

Naturally I tried it on immediately and became seriously smitten with the bleeding thing.  I was wearing pants that were pretty much the same colour as the jacket that day, so when I put the coat on I – as you do – imagined myself as some sort of 21st century Lawrence of Arabia but before he sacks off his army khakis for the robes, if you know what I mean? (Probably not.)

As for the technical details: your shirt sticks out the bottom of it but in a mint way (swear) and the hood sits really nicely too. It comes in a navy colour too which is smart, but it’s this khaki one that does it for me. Not bought it though.



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