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Not very likely, as you dump the car in the snowbound streets to trudge home on foot ’cause the tight arsed council haven’t gritted the roads properly, that your thoughts have turned to summer and what might make its way onto your ample frame.

But for a minute, pull up a stool by the fire and let us and Engineered Garments via those Ice Maidens at Oi Polloi show you what’s in store to get your spirits in a summery vibe *begins humming Mungo Jerry*.

How’s about some damn fine shirts? Summer weight, fresh colours, Daiki details….you know the E.G. score by now; and if you don’t then now’s the time to learn.

Works Shirts are always a staple in the E.G. seasonal roster and SS15 is no different. Hardwearing, “Every Day” wear……shirts you fall in love with. Bollocks to hyperbole, that’s the truth.  Look at the summery colours of light blue and yellow they give us with this cotton plaid one. Cracking.


Fancy something a little less Workman like; bit more ‘going out somewhere posh-ish for tea’?  The 19th Century Button Down, in navy Madras is a belter; more formal in it’s collar and stitching it’s still hot (think more Prawn Patia than Chicken Madras).


“But I don’t want a shirt with a collar in summer, and I hate checks, you can’t make me wear them.”

SHUT UP, and look at this then.

The Banded Collar shirt in light blue, is going do it for you once the Beer Garden dries out.


Find these Engineered Garments shirts, and a whole load of other many pocketed beauties (like the Mil Shirt in Dark Navy at the top of this page) at Oi Polloi now.

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