Engineered Garments Work Shirt at Peggs & son


Dead men might not wear plaid, but dead stylish ones do. (That’s the part where you go, “Ah, I see what he did there – that Steve Martin thingy; very clever…”)

I normally go off on a film-related tangent in these write-ups, so I’ll jump straight into it: this shirt looks like something one of the guys in The Deer Hunter would have worn during that last, er, deer-hunting trip before they go to Vietnam.

Said film was on at the pictures the other week so I went. It’s the sort of film you take something new away from each time you see it, but this cinematic re-release allowed me to better appreciate everything about it – costume especially.

So back to this particular shirt. Unless you’ve involuntarily endured an intense friendship with a volleyball and an extended stay on an island in the middle of fuckknowswhere for the last decade, you are undoubtedly aware of Engineered Garments and the magnificent clothes they make.

Every year they produce a selection of thick, robust and unmistakably American winter shirts – and they’re not just for deer-hunting in either. You can do many things in them, such as laugh, drink, swear and eat. In the case of the latter, spilling food down your front like a buffoon would, hypothetically, no longer be an issue, as no-one would even be able to tell (I’d wear a bib just in case though).

This is this; this ain’t some’n else; this is this.

Anyway, enough of the Mike Vronskyisms – if you fancy investing in one of these shirts, Peggs and son can sort you out. If you do end up getting one, well-plaid.






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