Engineered Garments Workaday at Oi Polloi

Engineered Garments have released their latest round of ‘workaday’ stuff. It’s not really a far cry from the brand’s standard wear to be honest, in fact I don’t think I could tell you the difference. What I do know is that its business as usual for EG – high emphasis on quality and cut. And apparently it’s for everyone. Which is good to know. Check out the tee’s with unique crossover collars and big fishtail hems. And then there’s that wool pullover with those trademark slant pockets. Perfect for slotting your latest issue of Proper 28 into! Disclaimer – we can’t guarantee it’ll fit, we’ve not actually tested that theory out. But we can guarantee 136 pages of ruddy good reading.

The Engineered Garments ‘Workaday’ collection is available at Oi Polloi, here.