‘Enjoy’ Crew by Ore-Cal

Man I love that whole West Coast seventies scene, it was a special time when everyone on that side of the US seemed to be tanned and gorgeous in amazing sportswear or perfectly weather-beaten denim and soundtracked by AOR and Yacht rock classics. Whilst we sit around waiting for a time machine to whisk us all back to those halcyon days we can at least indulge in some ace clothing that evokes those times. Named after a combination of two West Coast states, Ore-Cal is a totally new label despite their products resembling ‘holy grail’ level vintage finds. Their super soft Enjoy crew sweatshirt is a classic example of what they’re all about, with it’s logo in tribute to the world’s best fizzy drink and having been stonewashed to make it look like Dennis Wilson’s previously worn it to a beach barbecue or two.

Get yours from Garbstore here.


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