Epperson Mountaineering bags

A couple of weeks ago Mark was kind enough to answer the pressing question ‘What do all the hipster amateur mountaineer divs wear in summer?’ – and now I’m here to answer another that is quite similar; what the hipster amateur mountaineer div carries in summer.

Epperson Mountaineering.

This summer they have dropped a particularly strong selection of totes and ‘packs’ (conveniently avoiding ‘rucksack’ and ‘packpack’ as they dredge up too many painful school geography trip memories…) in colours ranging from understated…


through to what one could maybe describe as ‘jazzy’. Hikerdelic through and through.


Plus, these are all made in the USA, so you get to buy ethically, get a bag that lasts, and receive hundreds of compliments daily (no promises here) all from the same item.


A new addition for this season is the parachute tote – ideal for trips to the shop, the park, and impromptu skydiving sessions***


[***Hefty disclaimer from the Proper legal team – this reference gives no warranty as to the fitness of this product for use in poorly-executed batman impressions, land-speed record attempts, or aeronautical emergencies.]

And finally, for the man who eats, sleeps, and breathes suede, no, your eyes do not deceive you.


Find all of the above (and more) at Oi Polloi


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