Euro 2016 Nice bit of Kit: Germany


The new Adidas Germany Euro 2016 Kit is inspired by classic Germany Shirts in a clean white-and-black design, while introducing a new positioning for the iconic 3 Stripes from Adidas. It’s a Germany home shirt…you know the drill. With one-or-two exceptions the lads with the three stripes usually do the business for Die Mannschaft and they’ve not let them down this time either (‘Mannschaft’…Man shaft… *snigger*).


If the home shirt is classic, simple Germany, the away shirt is pure #bremain and seems to be an Adidas x Robin Hood’s Merry Men collab. Coming in a fetching mish-mash of earth tones the colour gives the impression of a common Ranid frog, which is clearly a massive, disgraceful racist dig from the Tueton’s aimed at their hosts. This away shirt can be reversed to reveal what appears to be a training shirt with a bib over the top. This appears to be a first for a football shirt and is probably as a result of players taking the bibs home and forgetting to bring them back into training. It’s certainly different and looks alright tbh but it probably makes it a bugger to get on.



Everyone’s favourite brilliant shit footballer Thomas Muller adorns Adidas’s ads for the kit. Whilst Neuer and Kroos appear to be involved in a ‘German-off’, Thomas mugs his way through them looking like a competition winner. However glamorous the kit, big Tommy will turn-out in it looking like a knackered 12 year old after three hours on a trampoline, before two-left-footing his way through games with the touch of a bin lorry and inevitably finishing up as the Golden boot winner.



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