Euro 2016 Nice bit of Kit: Northern Ireland

Just like the real Ireland, the reduced-fat version take to the field in green shirts. Unlike the proper one the Northern one have a load of blue bits on theirs because they want to marry Rangers. The design of the shirt received widespread criticism from within the Norn Iron support (so they don’t all want to marry Rangers), a petition was even started to have the kit scrapped before the tournament started but that failed in the end when people realised they weren’t really that arsed so they weren’t.


It is to be assumed (so it is) that the white away shirt escaped any such criticisms because it is absolutely gorgeous. It’s strikingly similar to the kit they wore in Mexico 86, the last time NI qualified for a major tournament, only with a green band around the chest that actually works because it’s not royal blue.


Despite the controversial sleeves and blue ribbon on the home shirt, being fair to Adidas they’ve actually crafted two very decent kits for the Norn Irish lads to wear and whichever version is worn, Robbie Keane, John O’Shea and co will be sure to cut a dash when they take the field in France.



You can buy Northern Ireland kit and lots of other Nothern Ireland Euro 2016 tackle at JD Sports


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