Euro 2016 Nice bit of Kit: Poland


It’d be too easy and lazy to litter a piece about Poland with references to Tyskie, Polski Sklep’s and Kielbasa so I’ll leave it. It would also be unnecessary as there’s more than enough to focus on by simply looking at the outstanding shirt they’ll be sporting at this summer’s red-hot soccer showdown in France.  Perhaps surprisingly Poland’s kit isn’t made by Lonsdale or Tapout (Little bit of (post) casual racism there) but is another stunning effort from Nike.


Simplicity always seems to be the key with Nike’s designs for the Poles and once again Lewandowski and co. will be amongst the smartest squads on show in a shirt that is simplicity itself. It’s white, like a Poland shirt should be. No different coloured sleeves, chevrons, or silly shite for the Poles, just a plain white shirt with a swoosh and a badge. There is a shadow pattern creeping-up from the bottom of the shirt but it looks like the pattern left on the beach when the tide goes out and I like that pattern so it’s ok. (Fair enough it’s got a red line up the sides as well but for 2016 that’s very restrained and nothing is really plain anymore).

(Alright so it’s not that plain but it is pretty plain and anyway I’ve written it now).


The away kit is even more beautiful and is a standard-bearer for those who love a simplistic approach to design. It’s basically the home shirt with colours reversed which, to those of an AMF approach to the game is exactly what an away shirt should be.



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