Euro 2016 Nice bit of Kit: Spain


There’s plenty to see in the new Spain away shirt.  Glitchy PC game graphics, the aftermath of a shotgun blast, a chest full of puked-up paella, a collage of Sergio Ramos’ red and yellow cards over the past 4 tournaments…it’s all there. (If you squint at the pattern it’s pretty easy to spot the face of Cesc Fabregas shitting himself).

Obviously the artistic eyes of the Proper readership will have noted the heavy influence of elements of Piet Mondrian’s Broadway Boogie Woogie but whatever you see in the shirt it’s clear that Adidas have come up with a design that will make its mark and make you want pizza.


Adidas says that the shapes are inspired by Fernando Torres’ 84th minute goal in the final of EURO 2012 that essentially sealed a second consecutive title for the Spaniards. Adidas claim…and I just have to quote here; “This men’s football jersey displays a large front graphic that emulates a heat map of Torres’ epic goal using triangular shapes inspired by la Roja’s tiki-taka style of play”. I’d like to believe that’s true, if only for the lolz but it’s got to be a wind-up. Even Adidas’s designers can’t be that Nathan Barley-esque surely?



In contrast to the away effort, the home shirt is a tasteful interpretation of the classic Spain shirt. It’s red, with yellow and blue bits and the three stripes running up the side of the body rather than along the sleeves. It’s a nice shirt…there’s nothing more to say about it.

And for those traditionalists amongst us they’ve reverted to blue shorts after a few kits weirdly adhering to binned-off ballbag Blatter’s preferred option of every team wearing single colour kits.


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