Euro 2016 Nice bit of Kit: Switzerland


Obviously now we’re over a week into the tournament it’s impossible to ignore the fact that we’ve seen all the nation’s kits in action. With the Swiss it’s impossible to ignore the images we all saw when they played against France and their shirts were tearing left-right-and-centre like they were made of Rizla paper. At least five shirts were ripped to bits during the France game and while this might help the referees spot some shirt-pulling, it didn’t do much for Puma’s reputation. Somewhere in a manufacturing plant this morning, a production manager’s arse will be twitching Like Harry Redknapp at an RSPB reserve.


The Swiss home kit uses the same template as the majority of Puma’s offerings for France but the design for the away kit was clearly out-sourced to some lads who make jockeys silks and this is a good thing. The shirt features stripes of diminishing thickness running down toward the bottom hem and while that sounds like designer spiel it makes for a smart shirt. The Swiss are also lucky enough to have that big white star on their flag which they always plaster across their kits and always looks smart tbh. Talking about the actual design is a bit wanky obv, especially when you’re only looking at the pictures anyway so go on…have a look. Dead smart.


In the absence of any third choice shirt, the Swiss have already demonstrated that they’re comfortable playing skins v shirts should the occasion arise. Puma have since confirmed the shirts for the France match came from a batch of dodgy fabric. They wouldn’t confirm rumours that a brand called CR7 have made a bid for all of it that’s left.


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