Exemplary = Esemplare

I’ve spent an unhealthy amount of time poring over the literary masterpiece that is the Ideas From Massimo Osti book of late, have you got yourself a copy yet? If so I’m sure you too will have had a good drool over the Godfather of geezer gear’s back catalogue whilst wishing you owned every single, last heat-reactive piece of it. Though Stone Island and CP Company are still thankfully going strong there is also a new(ish) kid on the block that definitely tips its hat/hood in the direction of our beloved Osti. The brand new Autumn/Winter Esemplare (Italian for exemplary) collection is like a missing chapter from the aforementioned tome, being choc-ful of characteristically Italian outerwear which translates as lots of technical attention to detail in a variety of earthy colours and fabrics. I guess Italian clothing is just like another of the country’s famous institutions, in that once you’ve got involved, you’re never going to leave whether you want to or not. So feast your eyes on my particular favourites from their AW12 range, many of which have been given names (Giles, Trian, Edric) that sound like they’ve been stolen from the register of an Eton class-room, how typically Italian to give a nod to the English upper classes.

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