Favourite Five: Adam from Sekkle

Leeds based Adam Dowdeswell has established himself as an important tastemaker in the world of vintage streetwear since starting his business Sekkle in 2019. As an all round top bloke who’s traded in clothes since he was 14, he’s a well known and well loved member of the vintage community.

Alongside the handpicked designer bits you can see him slinging on Sekkle’s insta, you’ll also notice that the feed is full of Adam’s favourite songs and freestyles, giving an insight into his taste in culture. To find out a little more about what he likes we jumped on Facetime to chop it up and ask him list of Qs .

RK: You ready yeah?

AD: Yeah but does it have to be one answer per question ? It’s just that I like a lot of stuff, its hard for me to choose.

RK: Not really, no. Let’s do top 3 of each.

AD: Sound

RK: Start with your favourite brands

AD: Well Stussy would have to be in there for me. They’re the kings of Streetwear. The graphics tees from back in the day are the best ever made in my opinion. I also love what they did with their tribe and their associations with different subcultures and music. Even though they dropped off for a bit theyre back making great clothes, the latest season is fire.

I’d definitely say Stone Island too, Osti era of course. It was the first brand that I got into collecting. There’s not much I can say that hasn’t been said already but Osti’s work with both Stoney and CP was so special. It still deserves every bit of attention it gets.

Lastly it’d have to be Avirex. Grime and Hip Hop are my favourite genres of music and Avis were staples during both of their golden eras. The steeze was effortless back then. I like a lot of their lesser known designs and pieces, stuff like their graphic t-shirts are often overlooked but the quality of them is serious. There’s the leather jackets which are of course iconic, I’ve got a bit of collection going of them now. Theyre big and well made and they give you a special feeling when you put one on.

(shouted in from a friend in the background): Girls love a leather too.

AD: It’s true

Check out Adams appearance in a short film by Avirex here

RK: Talk to me about creps then

It’s gotta be an Airmax 95 really. They go with everything. Colour wise I have pairs that are subtle and have pairs that are loud, theyre a verstaile silhouette. Theres one pair in particular the ‘London City Pack’ which I’ve been after for years so if anyone who reads this has a pair for sale I’m a UK9.

Next would be the TN air. I dont really buy them anymore because the quality is whack nowadays but again I’ve got a lot of love for the aesthetics of the shoe. The textures and colours associated with the TN are unique.

Lastly it’d defnitely be a Wallabee. A timeless classic with such a rich cultural history and also super versatile.

RK: You’ve posted so many classics but which are your favourite Grime freestyles?

AD: Ooft. I’m obssessed with Grime and have been for ages so this one is tricky for me, here’s three of the best. Bars and flow for days.

I’d have to say Ghetts – Risky Roadz 2

Wiley – Westwood

and All in one – Practice hours 2

RK: Solid selections. You’re clearly a man of international culture Mr. Dowdeswell, so where are the favourite places you’ve travelled?

Recently I went to Berlin mit das mandem. We skrted about the city on those eletric scooters for a few days which was a sick way to see the city. We went to a club there called Hoppetosse where I had a house and techno awakening alongside my best mates listening to a DJ named Ethel spin records. It was the best clubbing experience I’ve had in a long time. The Helmut Newton foundation was sick too.

I’d say the trip we took to Milan was special as well, it was right before I made the jump into turning what I did into an actual business and leaving the country to have some thinking space about it and discuss ideas was valuable. The highlight was definitely that vintage market though it was insane. We got off the coach from the airport and there was this big poster staring at us saying vintage market this weekend. It turned out to be a bit of trek from Milan but we fancied it and actually getting to see a bit of rural Italy was peng. When we got to this 16th century castle where it was held. We didn’t know what to expect but inside it was filled with all sorts of stalls rammed with super rare pieces of Versace, Prada, Moschino and even some Stone Island too, it was wild.

Lastly I’d say New York. It’s obviously such an amazing city and I wanna get back there ASAP. The time I went it was an 18th birthday gift from my mum who’d saved up in secret for years to take me away. I love hanging out with her anyway so to do it in New York was special, shout out her.

RK: Big up Claire! Lastly shoot me three of your favourite films.

To keep it snappy I like films that grab me straight away and I’m into ones that make social commentary on situations that are real rather than fantasy. I like films that are raw and gritty. My top 3 are:


La Haine

Taxi Driver

RK: Nice one.

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Adam’s instagram

Sekkle Instagram

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