Favourite Five: Daniel Ruane

Our mate Daniel is the co-founder of Manchester/Berlin leftfield electronic imprint Failed Units as well as a resident on Manchester’s Limbo Radio. Daniel has previously released on forward thinking labels such as Infinite Machine and Meine Nacht while performing in venues that include Eastern Bloc, the Tate Liverpool, 24 Kitchen Street and Berlin’s Griessmuehle. Daniel’s live sets are challenging, physical affairs which turn industrial techno and mutant strands of bass music on their heads, executed with a deeply experimental flair and a penchant for dizzying polyrhythms. As fans of his unique sound we managed to briefly drag him away from the decks to discover his favourite five.


Any of the robot stories by Isaac Asimov for the incredibly clever solutions to the problems caused by the positronic brains + for one of my favourite protagonists (Dr Susan Calvin), Jaws by Peter Benchley as it offers another dimension to how scary a fish can be that I don’t think the movie managed.  I used to fairly rinse 1984 by George Orwell but as I live in the UK I only need to look at my news feed for the same supplement of absurd dystopia. 


Joggers or pyjamas. Dressing gowns are pretty sick too. Anything soft/ warm/ especially soft AND warm. 


Hard to answer but let’s go with favourite atm which would be the recent Haunter records comp, and the one they did before that. ZULI recently put out a comp of older tunes he had over on bandcamp. BUNGALOVV has a ridic LP coming on Infinite Machine too. 


Jeannie Lynn Paske / Obsolete world. She does the artwork for Eluvium and strikes an effortless balance between bleak and hopeful. I’m also lucky enough to own one of the t-shirt designs she’s run in the past. 

Something else

Coffee. It’s my favourite everything else.

Keep up to date on Failed Units here and check out Daniel on Soundcloud here.

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