Favourite Fives: Andrew Weatherall

True to form, legendary DJ/Producer Andrew Weatherall has torn up the rule book when we asked him to do us a favourite five for the Proper site and who are we to argue? He’s given us five of his favourite things and that’s more than good enough for us. Almost as good as his new Asphodells album in fact, no to mention the brilliant interview we’ve just done with him that will be appearing in our next issue. Anyway, Andrew Weatherall, favourite five, absolutely marvellous….

Books let us into their souls and lay open to us the secrets of our own.” (William Hazlitt). It therefore follows that bookshops are floor to ceiling repositories of portals to the soul.  Second-hand ones smell of history. Still thinking about buying a Kindle?

London‘s Free Art Galleries
There is an area of the nervous system to which the texture of paint communicates more violently than anything else.” (Francis Bacon) When jaded and cynical I can reignite artistic passion with a violent jolt to the nervous system by standing before paintings in any number of galleries; at no cost other than the bus fare.”
The Sound of a Fuzz Guitar
Link Wray’s ‘Rumble‘, arguably the most influential fuzz guitar record of all time, was banned in some US states on the grounds that it would foster juvenile delinquency; and it’s an instrumental. When I listen to Cramps records I feel the words ‘texture of paint’ in Mr Bacon’s quote can be substituted with the words ‘fuzz guitar’.

Cryptic Crosswords
At a very young age – thanks to Viv Stanshall, Ivor Cutler, Professor Stanley Unwin and Peter Cook – I became fascinated by the structure, wordplay and double meanings of the English language; I get the same satisfaction from tackling a cryptic.  The Times on a Saturday is a particular favourite.

Super 8 Film
In an ever increasing HD world the textures of Super 8 posses a beautiful other-worldly wistfulness that no amount of digital processing can reproduce.


Ruled by Passion Destroyed by Lust by The Asphodells is released on the 4th of February.





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  4. So basically loads of “old stuff”? A man after my own heart as always.

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