Favourite Fives: Christian Bourke

A cheeky first entry featuring one of his own bags here from talented Dubliner Christian though to be fair whats the point in creating something if you don’t think that the end product is your favourite thing out there? After working for various brands such as Paul Smith and Fred Perry, Christian is now creative director of fantastic new accessories brand Stighlorgan.

Item of Clothing

Driscoll drawstring bag: Stighlorgan’s most minimal backpack. A bag that represents the brand so well and a real favourite that I wear all the time. Its a well known shape but the combination of rich navy bridle leather and jet black rope modernises the simple drawstring bag. Although its a straightforward silhouette, a lot of work went into the details so that it sits correctly when worn. Definitely a Stighlorgan favourite.



This is a really tricky one because I listen to a huge variety of music. I can’t give an all time favourite but I can give a recent favourite. I’m going to have to say that recently I’ve been really impressed with the electronic coming out of Ireland. A few artists especially in Cork are creating music that is in each case unique but that seems to have a similar tone. I’m really excited to see electronic this coherent coming out of Ireland. Three of my recent favourites are Toby Kaar, Mmoths and Reid. If I had to pick a song to list as a recent favourite, it would have to be a Reid remix called ‘the wheel’. Check it out on Soundcloud:



Favourite book is ‘The unbearable lightness of being’ by Milan Kundera. Its a book that talks about our general obsession with coincidence and decision. I love how it explores the idea that sometimes we send ourselves down paths in life in the belief that coincidence should lead our decisions.

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Favourite contemporary artist recently could be Walton Ford. He paints animals in an old style but with a modern darkness. I just hugely enjoy looking at his paintings. He is a self confessed maximalist (the name he gives for the opposite of minimalist), and this gives his paintings an excessiveness that I find enjoyable. They’re all painted very large scale so are best seen in person for the details

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Something else

Guinness: Cliché but true! A real favourite!