Favourite Fives: Daiki Suzuki

It’s fair to say that Daiki Suzuki’s Engineered Garments label (and his previous WWM output) couldn’t be any more highly regarded by both Mark and I at here at Proper. We don’t know how he does it but with each new season EG’s unique brand of modern American menswear never fail to both thrill and genuinely impress us, with most items instantly achieving ‘must-have’ status. To be honest I could rant on for hours about the great man but you’d probably just be better off reading our mate Shinya’s (from Battenwear) interview with him in Oi Polloi’s latest Pica Post HERE But before you do that, check out the fabulous favourite five Daiki has kindly done for us.



I love all types of Army pants mostly because of their utilitarian origin but I basically live in Army pants, the are like my best friends. Most people live/work everyday and are comfortable in jeans but to me, army pants are my jeans.




Romance of the Three Kingdoms, briefest thing I can say is that you have so many types of people in your life and they are all here, it has had my attention and engrossed me like no other book. I read the series (8 volumes) three times in a row and without a moment, as soon as I finished the eighth volume, I started over back to the first volume. I read it three times in a row and I cried at the same point all three times.




Talking Heads (Remain in Light), from the album itself, to the artwork, especially both the front and back covers using MIT computers by M&Co. its just the best. The documentary by Jonathan Demme is also amazing.




Yoshitomo Nara, he’s from my home town.



Something Else

Japanese Food, from Oden, to Curry Rice to Ramen, its just home.


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