Favourite Fives: Daniel Eaton

Our latest favourite five comes from a geezer deeply involved with Triads, no he doesn’t have a team of sex slaves or an illegal gambling den (as far as we know), he’s the bloke who does all the clever copy for the ace Middlesbrough site/shops. As well as Triads Daniel’s sartorial musings can also be found on his ace 5th Street Bakery site, an essential read for fellow clothing obsessives and trainer melvs (i.e us) though theres sadly very little information on New York based bread products. Take it away Danny boy, you smart, smart man.

Item of Clothing

Being from the notoriously grim North East I don’t get chance to wear much else besides a Patagonia. Despite it not getting worn as much as I’d like my favourite piece has to be my Visvim Kilgore. I found it on some geeky forum and about 100 emails later I finally tortured the stubborn troll i bought it from enough to drop the price. If everybody that complains about Visvim prices were given a piece to experience they’d understand why they’re so high. Oh, and shout out to cords and expensive New Balance for keeping me looking like a steezy dad.

It’s easy to be pretentious with this one and I hate when people reference extinct bands and ones that pre-date themselves. It’s best not to dwell on old music too much as it’ll make you grumpy and ignorant.┬áMy favourite album of all time has to be the Jay Zed’s ‘Black Album’ but moving forward I’m bumping Kilo Kish. She’s almost too cool to fathom and definitely one of the nicest artists I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Besides that I’m listening to lots of outrageously vulgar southern hip hop.
Despite getting mad paper for my own words I don’t read the words of others too much. Well, I read a lot of magazines but other than that I rarely get the time for more than a web page. It’s sad really but that’s the reason my favourite book is a coffee table ornament rather than a thought provoking novel. It’s a collection of zines by Mark Gonzales and Harmony Korine. Its mainly poetry and quirky sketches but a world away from Gonzales in adidas adverts and Korine messing around with former High School Musical chicks.
I’d like to think I’m a qualified connoisseur when it comes to ‘drawing and that’ but the art college I went to handed out BTECS for free. My favourite artist would have to be Ryan McGinley, if a photographer counts of course. I can’t help thinking that loading your van up with a load of models and feeding them nothing but garys is against the law but never mind. He didn’t get caught and the pictures turned out great.
Something Else
My girlfriend told me I had to put our baby (socks the cat) for this one but the Internet is a cruel place and I thought hardened jacket fans would take a dim view. Officially then my favourite something else is is The Lake District. I find something else to like about it each year but my dad’s tall tales about gangsters dumping bodies in Windermere stay the same.

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