Favourite Fives: Heather Turnbull

Ladies & Gentlemen make some noise for our top mate Heather Turnbull. She’s the head honcho at creative agency Home Studios who work with some of our favourite people including brands Edwin and Sandqvist as well as the most excellent Jacket Required trade show which, if you’re involved in anyway with the wonderful world of menswear is an essential visit. Given these impressive credentials we thought we’d momentarily drag Heather away from her important fashion business to tell us all about her favourite fives…

Thankfully I have an incredibly cultured and cool parents who introduced me to good music very early on. Most of my earliest memories are music related in someway, learning all the lyrics to Elvis Costello’s Watching the Detectives or watching VHS tapes of The Quakes (if anyone by some miracle has this, please lend it to me). Aside from ‘our glorious leader’ Morrissey there is one person who holds a special place in my heart – PJ Harvey. She is by far my all time favourite musician. I’ve laughed, cried, shaved chunks out of my hair and cut holes in my clothes listening to her. The albums Dry, Rid of me and Is this desire are incredible but, I couldn’t live without To bring you my love. No one comes close to her brilliance, the world would be a lesser place without Polly Jean, she truly is a hero and all little girls and boys should want to grow up to be like her.  Have I reached ultimate fan girl status yet?
I have real serial killer behaviour patterns when it comes to clothes, I like to buy the same plain things over and over again or the same things in different colours (and keep them captive in my wardrobe).  I’ve forever been a real tomboy and sometimes kid myself that I’d like to wear a nice dress, but feeling like a tied ham is distressing so I always end up in a battered denim jacket These are a real problem for me, I like to collect them and wear each one until its in pieces. Now that I’ve almost grown out of sewing band patches on them I find they’re pretty much acceptable for all situations. No one will ever beat a Levis denim jacket and of course, I’m biased when I say Edwin, Bethnals and Otho also all do splendid denim jackets too!
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My dad is a writer so my life has been all about reading books, talking about books and also having books written for me, which is pretty bloody nice. I like my reading material to either make me cry or keep me awake at night with serious anxiety and for this reason my all time favourite is Iain Banks’ The Wasp Factory. Its creepy as hell and will absolutely confuse your emotions.Very relaxing.
The American photographer Ansel Adams is the artist that I have the most deep affection for. His show at the National Maritime Museum a few years ago was probably one of the most beautiful exhibitions I’ve ever seen with huge large scale prints of the Yosemite National Park, what an incredible eye he had. If I could own any piece of his it would be The Tetons and the Snake River.
Something else 
Coffee & Wine. These are really the only 2 things you need to survive life.



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