Favourite Fives: J2K

 It feels like it’s been a fair while since we had one of our a favourite fives up on here, so back with a musical bang we have our mate Jason Black aka J2K. Multi-talented Mr Black is an artist musician, brand influencer and co- owner and director at Crep Protect, hailing from East London. He grew up in a musical family with my Dad and Uncles all playing in reggae sound systems in the 80s and 90s before finding his own (well drressed) feet in the Grime scene as one of the pioneering artists of the noughties being solo and part of legendary collective Roll Deep after I giving up trying to be a footballer.


Item of clothing

adidas ZX 8000 Go Aqua. My attachment to these go back to the 90’s when I was a young kid watching Serina (my then next door neighbour) always rocking the freshest bits, be it Naf Naf, Chipie, Ton Sur Ton or Chevignon. She was older than me and hung around with the rudeboys from the ends, so was way more advanced in any fashion department. These trainers were just one of her items I fell in love with but could never obtain as I was way too young and was never getting that kind of money spent on me (sigh!). So much so I never forgot them so when they did become available to buy again (in my 20’s) I snapped them up straightaway and now I just stare at them from time to time! lol I just can’t bring myself to wear them…..(maybe this summer though ha!)




I remember this book called The Twits. Being an 80’s baby Roald Dhal was pretty popular back then. For me I didn’t do  much reading (which I am now trying to rectify) but I always seem to remember this book about this spiteful couple that lived in a house with no windows, who hated each other so would do all sorts of bad minded things for jokes, pretty funny stuff to be honest!

photo 3


NAS – It Was Written. I would listen to this album non- stop at home, in my earphones, in school, wherever I could! Nas was the best storyteller of his generation, painting vivid pictures of his project estate with lyricism, matched by only a few. One of the greatest rappers of all time combined swag and street ethics effortlessly through every track on this album, the standouts being; ‘The Message’, ’Black Girl Lost’, ‘Street Dreams’, ‘I Gave You Power’, ‘Watch Them N***as’, ‘Take It In Blood’ and of course ‘If I Ruled the World’ ft. Lauryn Hill. This was a definite classic for me growing up.

photo 2


SEE IT DEH by Funny Tummy. I love the work Funny Tummy produces simply because it’s the type of art that I would have on my walls. A fresh, innovative and relatable young legend in the making.

photo 1

Something Else

This is a tub of lemon ice. It’s one of my favourite things ever and always will be! My obsession with this drove my mother to purchase a whole tub of this from the ice cream van man on one of my birthdays (she’s a legend!) .

photo 4


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